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It's the summer before eighth grade, and thirteen year-old Jorge Fuerte wants nothing more than to spend his days hanging out with his fellow comic-book-obsessed friends. But then everything changes. Jorge's parents announce they're divorcing for a reason he and his twin brother, Cesar, never saw coming--their larger-than-life dad comes out as transgender.

Jorge struggles to understand the father he's always admired, but Cesar refuses to have anything to do with him.


As Jorge tries to find a way to stay true to the father he loves, a new girl moves into the neighborhood: cool, confident, quirky Zoey. Jorge must face his fears and choose between being loyal to his brother or truthful about his family's secret. Although he's no superhero, Jorge already has the world's greatest superpower--if he decides to use it. 

With humor and warmth, Lambda Award winner Alex Sanchez again brings honesty and insight to the trials of growing up. 

"There is a lot to love here, and the hopeful, honest representation of a transgender parent is essential for all library collections."--School Library Journal

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