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AWESOME AUTHOR VISITS (Both in-person and virtual!)

Would you like me to talk with your group or teach a class at your school, college, library, or conference?

I love, love, love to speak, teach, encourage, and inspire groups, b
oth in-person and through virtual visits.

Typically during a visit, I teach classes and/or speak to groups on a range of topics about growing up gay and a Mexican immigrant, how homophobia and transphobia hurt everyone, how I came to write my books, the remarkable effect they're having on young people across the country and internationally, and the impact each individual can have on the world.  It's an upbeat and inspiring presentation about overcoming challenges, being true to yourself, and helping to make a better world.

I work with my contacts ahead of time to develop a program tailored to their needs. My previous speaking engagements have included the National Education Association, International Literacy Association, National Council of Teachers of English, the Library of Congress, and numerous schools, libraries, and universities.

How can you arrange a visit?  It's easy, just contact me and let me know what you have in mind for a program.
Email me directly:  Alex [at] AlexSanchez [dot] com


Rave reviews for my heartfelt presentations:

“I just wanted to let you know, even though you probably do not remember us, that our college is still talking about when you came to our campus last semester! It was really nice meeting a professional gay man who proved to me that you can be who you are and still be successful.” - JJ, College student

“You were totally awesome. I enjoyed every minute of your visit… You made a huge impression on me and many, many more people. I have a feeling you have this impact everywhere you go.”

Jesse Gainer, Director of the Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award

"I’ve never met an author before! I feel like Alex Sanchez will make it hard for the other authors because he’s so funny and nice. He was really helpful to a kid like me who is trying to come out maybe. Thanks for coming, Mr. Sanchez!" - Ruben, high school student

“Your talk was informative, heartwarming and moving - I have never sat in a theater full of teachers and students that was so quiet.” - Gail Chaddock-Costello, Executive

"The Q&A was wonderful and these books in a way, helped me find out who I am. I connected with the characters more than I had with others before. It encouraged me to keep reading and learning about who I am. Meeting you was such a great experience! We all appreciate you, Alex Sanchez!" - Chris, high school student

“What a pleasure it was to have you share your story with us. Your persona and message enlightened us all, faculty, administration and students. My gratitude for your courage in assisting others to grow and increase our compassion for others.” - Ms. Corie Tyson, Teacher

"Sometimes when guests come, I get awkward because I don’t know what to say. But Alex Sanchez helped us because he let us think about the questions before. I thought authors would be intimidating, but he was so friendly and funny. I wasn’t awkward, I even asked my question so that was really cool because it was like he was talking to me. Even though it was on the computer, it was a fun experience." - Andrew, high school student

"As a GSA advisor, I’m always looking for queer role models for the students. On a whim, I emailed Mr. Sanchez and he responded so positively! He is so accommodating and clearly passionate about what he does. My students loved hearing his story and the opportunity to talk with him. He tailored his speech to our group of middle schoolers, and approached them in a way that made everyone immediately comfortable. His whole energy just made us want to spend all day with him!" - Melissa, teacher

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your coming and valued what you had to say to our students. Your time here will be valued for a long time.” - Ms. Ann Edmonds, Librarian

“Alex has an amazing way of relating to teens during his presentations.  His mild mannerisms and gentle personality combined with his honesty and openness make for a very powerful experience for all.  Teens and adults will come away from it being changed and with a better understanding not just of Alex and his stories, but also of themselves.” - Ms. Stephanie A. Squicciarini, Librarian

“Thank you for your inspiring visit … The feedback has been very positive. One faculty member wrote: ‘As a woman of color, I could relate to so much of Alex Sanchez's story.  I am convinced that his words have empowered many of our students and adults on this campus.’ Another faculty member was also very enthusiastic: ‘It was so wonderful for students to hear his story and be reminded of the transforming power of words to change lives and encourage greater empathy for others and social justice in our world.’ Our school has been working for years to create a more welcoming and inclusive community. I think your visit was a real milestone as we continue our journey towards greater acceptance and celebration of diversity. Thank you again for sharing your story with our school community. Our entire school community enjoyed your presentation and it has been a stepping stone for our school as we move towards a more inclusive curriculum.” - Pat Roberts, Librarian

“It was such a joy to meet you! I am honored that I had the chance to hear your talk at the library. Your passion for helping others has renewed my determination to be an advocate for youth.” - Susan B. Barnum, Librarian

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